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Posted on 16 mai 2017

Working with ethical producers, using only organic cotton and recycled polyester, the Swedish brand DEDICATED proves that sustainable fashion is cool. We asked a few questions to their founder Johan Graffner.

Can you introduce yourself and your brand in a few sentences?

I’m Johan Graffner, part of the founding team of DEDICATED which is a sustainable lifestyle brand from Sweden. We want to challenge people’s perception of what sustainable fashion can look like by collaborating with some of the most creative illustrators and photographers in the world. Our backgrounds are rooted in board sports and music, and through our long experience of working in the fashion business, we realised the need for a better sustainable option in the streetwear market. In everything we do, we support a unified, loving and caring world DEDICATED to protecting and advancing life.

Why do you think it’s important for fashion to be more sustainable?

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world and probably employs the most people in the world. Unfortunately everything has come down to cutting expenses at the expense of the environment and the health of the farmers and textile workers. This huge industry is now the second most polluting on the planet and for no logical reason at all. If people knew about the heavy environmental footprint of the fashion industry, then most would adjust their purchasing accordingly.

Fashion affects everybody and it’s important to use this influence in a positive way. People deserve to be able to buy clothing without guilt and have to access ethically produced clothing regardless of their spending level or style preferences.

How do you choose the designers you work with? Can anyone apply?

DEDICATED is quite an inclusive brand, since sustainability and creativity is for everyone. Therefore we want to incorporate many aspects of pop-cultural references into our designs and work with talented illustrators and photographers from all ages and around the world. We usually choose illustrators based on the relevance of their ideas and the uniqueness of their style.

We include a photographer collab in every collection and here we want to bring the spotlight on people who are devoted to capturing a specific scene during a significant period. Examples of this are Ricky Powell who captured the 80’s hip hop scene, Jeff Divine who captured surfing from the late 60’s until today and Chi Modu who photographed all the big rappers from the 90’s.

Anyone can mail us with suggestions of designs, but the bar is raised for what graphics we accept so it’s not so easy to get accepted anymore.

What are your upcoming projects?

It’s an exciting time for DEDICATED since the collections are growing so much. We have been able to develop very nice special jacquard knits and hand-loomed shirt fabrics and this gives us the opportunity to extend the collections with more non-printed garments. We have a new womenswear designer and are looking forward to presenting a full women’s collection for SS18. Right now we’re in the midst of re-naming our six stores in Scandinavia to DEDICATED.

What are your tips for adopting a more ecologically-friendly life?

Since the average European is consuming in a way that it takes three planets to re-generate, while at the same time no one wants to add to the problem - we think that the responsible thing to do is to adapt the consumption habits to a level that one planet can regenerate. The best way to achieve this is to consume less meat, choose more organic products and take the bike to work.

You are based in Stockholm, do you have any favourite eco-friendly recommendations?

I urge any visitors who come here in the summer, to take a boat to go out to see the amazing archipelago with its 50 000 islands. Rosendals’ Garden, a biodynamic farm, is very beautiful and has a great lunch restaurant and café. In the city, I recommend the sustainable fashion stores Ecosphere and Adis Gladis in Södermalm.

Shop DEDICATED’s ethical menswear in our stores and online.

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