Spring detox: two recipes for a fresh start

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Posted on 22 mars 2017

Say hello to spring the healthy way with these two colourful recipes from our Lausanne BG Café chef Richard Callet!

Very green juice
Energizing and diuretic, filled with fruits and veggies, this makes the perfect breakfast juice!

Serves 1:

-    1 Granny Smith apple
-    1 kiwi
-    ½ cucumber
-    60 g fresh leaves spinach
-    1 handful of cress salad
-    10 leaves fresh mint
-    Ice

Wash all ingredients and push through a juicer.
Enjoy over crushed ice.

Melting and crunchy beets tartare with coriander
Combining textures, this vegan tartare stimulates the digestive system and helps eliminate toxins.

Serves 6:

-    5 cooked red beetroots
-    2 red onions
-    1 tbsp mustard
-    1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
-    4 tbsp olive oil
-    Salt and pepper
-    A handful of fresh coriander, chopped
-    Fleur de sel
-    2 raw Chioggia beets

Peel and dice the red beetroots. Place in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Add the chopped onions, mustard, vinegar and olive oil and mix well.
Cut the Chioggia beets into thin strips. Season with fleur de sel, a little olive oil and chopped coriander.
To serve, place the cooked beets at the bottom of a glass and top with the raw beets.

Combine spring shopping and detox in Lausanne: from Monday to Saturday, enjoy our chef’s large selection of fresh salads and juices at the BG Café in the third floor of our Bongénie store.

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